Dutch Red Wax Gouda Whole Wheel, 9 lb.

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Authentic Dutch Gouda is made in the traditional style

Cheese makers use fresh cow's milk to produce this buttery Dutch cheese.

This cheese pairs well with fresh fruit and deli meats on a charcuterie board.

Named after the city of Gouda from which it originates, this popular cheese has been produced with fresh cow's milk from Dutch farmers since before the 16th century. It's no wonder that Gouda can be found in markets and grocery stores around the world.

The taste of Dutch Red Wax Gouda is soft and creamy, with balanced intensity. This type of Gouda cheese can be grated, shredded, sliced, or melted. It is perfect as a dessert cheese, and excellent when paired with fresh fruit and bread on a cheese board. Enjoy with your favorite glass of wine, wheat beer, hard cider, or even champagne for a special occasion.

Whether it's young, smoked, or aged Gouda makes a rich addition to a variety of recipes. Add a slice of this type of cheese to a meaty burger, toasted sandwich, or grilled panini. Use it as an ingredient in a gourmet mac and cheese dish. Or mix with dry white wine, corn starch, and garlic for a creamy fondue.

8 lb. and 12 oz (4 kg) whole cheese wheel


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