Flott Anchovies Fillets in Olive Oil, 28 oz

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Olive Oil complements the natural flavor of Flott Anchovies

These salt-packed anchovies are a staple of Mediterranean cooking.

Try salted anchovy fillets packed in olive oil on pizza, or use them to prepare a delicious caesar dressing.

Flott Anchovies Fillets in olive oil are a product of traditional Sicilian practices and values. While only a few inches in length, these green-blue fish are packed with umami. The olive oil preserves the natural flavor of these Italian anchovies and further enriches them.

Enjoy these oil packed anchovies as a pizza topping. Toss this oily fish in your favorite pasta recipes. Add them to a salad with extra virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar. Or use these cured anchovies packed in salt to bring out the full flavor of meaty soups and appetizers. For an even more delightful experience, serve the recipe of your choice with a bold bottle of wine.

Anchovies, olive oil, salt.

28 oz


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