Formatges Can Pujol Pau Sant Mateu Cheese, 2 lb.

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Sant Mateu Cheese is a French-style cheese made in Spain

Serve this goat milk cheese on a charcuterie board with spicy cured meats.

Savor the flavor of this Spanish cheese on a cheese board with red wine.

While it originates in Spain, Formatges Can Pujol Pau Sant Mateu Cheese is a pasteurized goat cheese made according to the French style. Aged for two to three months, this savory type of cheese possesses an almost meat-like aroma, with flavor hints of herbs and a supple texture. It is a mild, versatile cheese that took home a gold medal in 2003 for NASFT Sofi Outstanding Cheese or Dairy Product.

Goat milk (pasteurized), salt, animal rennet

2 lb.


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