Fulmer Organic Hungarian Acacia Honeycomb, 14.11 oz

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This Organic Honeycomb is crunchy and sweet

Acacia honey gives this snack a pleasant, floral aroma.

This raw acacia honeycomb is delicious to eat with fresh fruit and creamy cheeses.

Fulmer Organic Hungarian Acacia Honeycomb from Sanniti is a sweet, crunchy treat that deserves a place on your next charcuterie board. Sourced from the best European apiaries, the raw honeycomb is all natural, heated only by the warmth of the sun, and delivered to you straight from the hive. It contains acacia honey, one of the most sought after honey varieties.

Serve honeycomb on a cheese board with a balance of gouda cheese and fresh strawberries. For a delicious yet nutritious breakfast, crumble raw honeycomb with yogurt and oatmeal.


100% All Natural Organic Acacia Honeycomb


14.11 oz (400 grams)


Product of Hungary

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