Gaea Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil Extra Virgin, 16.9 oz

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Gaea Olive Oil blends fruity and spicy flavor notes

This authentic Greek olive oil is suitable for cooking, marinating, and more.

Mix this EVOO with balsamic or wine vinegar for a simple salad dressing with a peppery finish.

The flavor of Greece is bottled and sold through Gaea’s authentic foods. Made from handpicked Koroneiki olives that are pressed within three hours of collection, Gaea Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil is fruity and spicy. It makes an excellent addition to a Mediterranean gift basket for anyone who enjoys cooking.

Every bottle of this high-quality extra virgin olive oil will tell you the harvest period, so that you know you are getting the freshest olive oil possible. Use this EVOO in a sauté pan for cooking or marinating your favorite meats and vegetables before grilling. Or drizzle it over toasted bread with sun-dried tomatoes or dry-cured meats.


Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil


16.9 oz


Product of Greece

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