If You Care Coffee Filters #4 Cone - 100 Count

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These Compostable Coffee Filters are strong and inexpensive

These unbleached coffee filters are biodegradable, so you can dispose of them in a compost bin.

Use these paper coffee filter cones in the same way you would other types of filters.

Finland’s If You Care brand is ideal for those who want their coffee products to have low environmental impact. If You Care Coffee Filters #4 are unbleached filters made from 100 percent chlorine-free paper, which means fewer chlorine derivatives in the world’s rivers and streams. Make ground coffee with the first filters to be Forest Stewardship Council certified. They are 100 percent compostable and come packaged in a 100 percent recycled box. Enjoy your morning cup of Joe while being kind to the planet!

If You Care Coffee Filters are strong and reliable while being much better for the environment than the typical coffee filter brand. Simply add coffee grounds as you would with any other type of coffee filter, then enjoy drinking the coffee of your choice.

100 count 

Product of Finland

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