If You Care Reusable Paper Towels, 12 Towels

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These Reusable Paper Towels are an eco-friendly choice

These compostable paper towels clean without leaving streaks.

One roll of these reusable towels can be used in place of as many as 18 traditional paper towel rolls.

If You Care is a company that is all about environmental sustainability, as well as helping people live their lives in a way that doesn’t negatively impact our world as much as other brands’ products do. All If You Care products exist to help you go green in a convenient, simple way.

These reusable paper towels are made from cellulose and cotton, two materials that work well together to soak up a lot of liquid. These towels are just as effective as regular paper towels while creating significantly less waste.

These towels can hold up to 16 times their own weight in water and won't leave fibers behind like bamboo towels do. These paper towels are compostable as well, meaning you can toss them in the compost bin instead of the trash.

Plus, these paper towel alternatives clean without leaving any streaks. This cleaning product is similar to Swedish dishcloths, but they are a bit thinner and a lot bigger. Each roll has 12 towels.


12 Towels, Each measures 9.75" x 9.5"


Product of Finland

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