Krinos Mastic Gum, 0.6 oz

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This Mastic Gum is a traditional Greek ingredient

This gum has a piney flavor which tastes slightly like licorice and vanilla.

Use this mastic gum in classic Greek, Turkish, and Middle Eastern cake, pastry, and bread recipes.

Krinos Mastic Gum are resin drops from the mastic tree. This gum comes from the Greek island of Chios, where the gum has been cultivated since the Byzantine era.

This gum has a piney flavor with a subtle hint of vanilla and black licorice. Chewing this gum is perfect for freshening your breath after a meal. Enjoy this traditional Greek gum with your favorite blend of herbal tea.

Mastic gum is used in a variety of Mediterranean dessert recipes. This gum is used in Greek ice cream. It adds a rich texture to pastries, cakes, and breads. This gum is also used in recipes for Turkish delight, adding a chewy texture and complex flavor. It's even used as to make some traditional liqueurs.

Looking for a present for someone who enjoys Mediterranean cuisine? Add this Greek gum to a gift basket with a selection of other sweets and snacks.


Mastic Gum


0.6 oz


Product of Greece

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