Krinos Taramosalata Greek Style Caviar Spread, 8 oz

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This Taramosalata Spread is a traditional Greek appetizer

This taramosalata contains a blend of carp roe, oil, and lemon juice.

Serve this Greek caviar spread with toasted bread and fresh vegetables.

Krinos Taramosalata Greek Style Caviar Spread is a Mediterranean appetizer often enjoyed with sliced bread and fresh vegetables. It's made with a mix of carp roe, lemon juice, oil, and other ingredients to balance acidity and richness.

For a savory appetizer, spread this taramosalata on toasted bread with fresh herbs. Enjoy it as part of a charcuterie platter with crackers and a selection of cheeses. Or serve it with a zesty Greek salad and a glass of wine for a Mediterranean-style dinner.


Canola oil, carp (fish) roe, water, lemon juice, vegetable juice (coloring), lactic acid and acetic acid (acidifying agents), natamycin (natural preservative)


8 oz (227g)


Product of Greece

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