Leonardi Balsamic Condiment Aged 3 years, 250 mL

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This Aged Balsamic Condiment has a robust flavor and aroma

Traditional balsamic vinegar is aged for three years in wooden barrels to create this distinct condiment.

Pair this balsamic dressing with extra virgin olive oil for salads and marinades.

The Leonardi family has been producing balsamic vinegar since the 19th century. Each batch of their balsamic vinegars and Saba dressings are made from Lambrusco and Trebbiano grape varieties grown on the hills of Modena in Northern Italy.

Leonardi Balsamic Condiment is an Italian balsamic that has aged for three years. This balsamic has a luscious wine aroma and caramel and raisin flavor. This aged balsamic vinegar condiment is excellent for sauces and dressings. Use Leonardi Condimento Balsamico in your Italian cooking. Or drizzle this balsamic condiment over ice cream.

Types of Balsamic:

Leonardi Balsamic Condiment


250 mL (8.45 fl oz.)


Product of Modena, Italy

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