Leonardi Saba Dressing Cooked Grape Must, 8.45 oz

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This Saba Dressing has a sweet taste and fruity character

Cooked grape must is reduced and barrel-aged, giving it a concentrated flavor.

Use this dressing as an alternative to traditional balsamic vinegar for drizzling over fresh fruit or ice cream.

Leonardi Saba Dressing Cooked Grape Must is similar to balsamic vinegar, but it is not exactly the same. Leonardi Saba Dressing Cooked Grape Must is an Italian dressing made from a grape must reduction that contains only one-third of its original volume.

This condiment is also aged for two years in chestnut and oak barrels. This makes for an Italian dressing that is sweet and syrupy. Its fruity notes make this cooked grape must perfect for desserts like ice cream and cheesecake.


250 mL (8.45 oz)


Modena, Italy

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