Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans Grade "B", 8 oz

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These Bourbon Vanilla Beans are harvested in Madagascar

The rich flavor profile of these high-quality vanilla beans is unlike any substitute for this prized spice.

Add an aromatic vanilla flavor to coffee, sweets, and dessert recipes.

Create a flavorful vanilla extract in your own kitchen! Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla beans from Sanniti have an average size of 12 to 16 centimeters and a moisture content of 24 to 27 percent. Grade B vanilla will have varying color patterns due to the lower moisture content.

While it is less pliable than gourmet grade vanilla, this Madagascar Vanilla is more stable for long-term storage. Harvested annually in southern Madagascar, these vanilla beans may contain minor cuts, splits, and other imperfections of natural processing. Use Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans Grade B for cooking, baking, or for making a delicious vanilla extract.

Try these vanilla pods from Madagascar in ice cream, cookie, and cake recipes. Their rich flavor enhances the taste of coffee or chocolate. And you can even add a vanilla sugar mixture to a cup of black tea or spiced chai.


Whole Vanilla Bean, Extract Grade Vanilla Beans from Madagascar (vanilla planifolia)


8 oz


Product of Madagascar


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