Mastro Calabrese Hot Large Flat, 5.5 lb.

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Calabrese Hot Soppressata is pork meat with a spicy kick

Seasoned with red pepper, this type of salami is an authentic southern Italian meat made in Canada.

Top pizza or hot sandwiches with this ground pork salami to add a fiery, meaty flavor.

Prepared with a traditional recipe from the Calabria region of Southern Italy, this dry-cured, spicy-hot traditional Italian salami delivers a tantalizing aroma and delicious flavor. Mastro Calabrese Hot Large Flat Salami has a flattened shape and is the spicy partner to their salami soppressata. While similar types of meat tend to contain black pepper or fennel seeds, this Calabrese specialty is instead generously seasoned with a selection of bold spices and hot peppers, pressed and slowly cured to achieve a robust flavor like no other.

This cured meat is perfect in toasted sandwiches or grilled paninis. Or serve it on a charcuterie board alongside creamy mozzarella cheese and crunchy crostini. Enjoy with your favorite glass of wine or a wheat beer.


Size (Weight):
Approx. 5.5 lb.

Product of Canada

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