Mastro Prosciutto Cotto Grand Gusto, 11 lb.

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Mastro Prosciutto Cotto is an extra lean cooked ham

Unlike dry-cured prosciutto crudo, this variation of the famous Italian meat made in Canada is fully cooked.

Paper thin slices make delectable pizza toppings and pasta

Made from the hind legs of select livestock, Mastro Prosciutto Cotto Grand Gusto is a boneless cooked ham with rich flavor and supple texture. This lean ham is cooked in the traditional style and arrives ready to eat.

Heat this Italian prosciutto up in the oven, cut cold deli slices for sandwiches, or enjoy on a charcuterie board with your favorite sharp or smoky cheeses. Pair this precooked ham with a bold red wine, a wheat beer, or even a glass of champagne.

pork, water, salt, dextrose, sugar sodium phosphate, corn syrup solids, carrageenan, sodium ascorbate, sodium nitrite

11 lb.


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