Sanniti Olive Sampler, 5 lbs

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We are proud to introduce our most popular olives in a delicious five part sampler. Italian olives are the best in the world. This sampler contains a variety of olives from all different regions in Italy, each olive with its on distinct flavor. These are not your typical supermarket olives in a jar. Preserved in brine, these are as fresh as an olive can get. Perfect to share with friends or to serve as an appetizer. Great for salads, as a side dish, or to be enjoyed as snack. This sampler contains a total of 5 different olives at 1 lb each. Please see description of each olive below.

    • Castelvetrano Olives – Bright green olives with a light crisp bite that’s very flavorful. These are the best and most popular selling Italian olives.

    • Baresane Olives – Delicate and flavorful olives that come from Bari, Italy. They come in an assortment of colors that range from green, yellow, and violet.

    • Cerignola Olives – Large green olives that are mild in flavor that can be enjoyed with cured meats and Italian cheese.

    • Gaeta Olives – Also known as the Black Pearl of Italian olives, these olives have a tender texture with a mild sour taste. They go great with salads, appetizers, and can be used as toppings.

    • Sal Secco Olives – The very hard to find Salt Dried Cured Olives, known as Sal Secco olives in Italy. A combination of a sweet, salty flavor with a texture similar to a raisin. These olives are not in brine

PLEASE NOTE: If one or more of the above olives are out of stock, we will replace them with another Italian Olive. Thank you for understanding.

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