Palirria Dolmas Stuffed Grape Leaves, 10 oz

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These Greek Dolmas are stuffed with rice, herbs, and spices

These dolmas have a zesty flavor with dill, mint, citrus, and black pepper.

Enjoy these stuffed grape leaves as an appetizer or side dish.

Palirria Dolmas are grape vine leaves stuffed with an aromatic rice mixture. A combination of onions, lemon juice, dill, mint, and black pepper gives them a distinct flavor that pairs well with Mediterranean recipes. Add these authentic Greek dolmas to a gift basket along with a selection of other gourmet foods from Greece, Italy, Spain, and more.

Serve these dolmas on an appetizer platter with extra virgin olive oil, fresh fruit, and piquant cheeses. Try these stuffed grape leaves with a yogurt sauce. Enjoy them alongside Mediterranean seafood, meat, and vegetarian recipes. Or add them to a warm rice bowl with fresh herbs for a nourishing yet easy dinner.


Ingredients: rice (cooked), water, vine leaves, soya oil, onions, lemon juice from lemon juice concentrate, dill, mint, salt, black pepper, acid: citric acid. Contains soy.


10 oz


Product of Greece

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