Paneangeli Fantasia di Zucchero, 66g

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These Italian Sprinkles are perfect for decorating desserts

This assortment includes both white and rainbow sugar sprinkles.

Use these sprinkles to decorate cupcakes, ice cream, and other dessert dishes.

No Italian pantry would be complete without Paneangeli baking ingredients! From their classic yeast for baking homemade bread, pizza, and cakes to aromatics that bring out delicious flavors, Paneangeli has what you need to get baking.

Paneangeli Fantasia di Zucchero is an assortment of Italian sprinkles made with real sugar. Decorate birthday cupcakes and ice cream sundaes with colorful rainbow sprinkles. Or use white sugar sprinkles to add a more subtle decorative touch to cake recipes.


Sugar, rice flour, cocoa butter, starches (potato, corn), thickener: gum tragacanth; colourings: carotenes, anthocyanins, curcumin, iron oxides and hydroxides, patent blue V, riboflavins; flavourings, concentrates from: spirulina, safflower, beetroot juice, sweet potato, apples, radish, cherries.

May Contains Wheat




Product of Italy

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