Paneangeli Powdered Icing Sugar, 4.4 oz

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This Powdered Icing Sugar is made for baking

This icing sugar is a quick and easy way to decorate baked goods.

Use confectioner's sugar to decorate French toast, crepes with berries, and other sweet breakfast dishes.

No Italian pantry would be complete without Paneangeli baking ingredients! From their classic yeast for baking homemade bread, pizza, and cakes to aromatics that bring out delicious flavors, Paneangeli has what you need to get baking.

Paneangeli Powdered Icing Sugar is ideal for decorating pastries, cakes, and other sweet recipes. This decorative sugar is a great way to give French toast and crepes an eye-catching finish. Or even use this type of powdered sugar as an alternative to granulated sugar for mixing in both hot and cold beverages.

You can make a delicious icing with this powdered sugar. All you need is powdered sugar, pure vanilla extract, and milk or cream. Simply whisk the ingredients together to make a sweet glaze. Orange juice or lemon juice can also be used instead of milk for a tangy, citrus icing.


Sugar, corn starch

May contain WHEAT, MILK, EGGS, NUTS, SOY .


4.4 oz (125g)


Product of Italy

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