Paneangeli Lemon Aroma for Sweets - 2 viles (2ml)

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Enhance your desserts with this Lemon Aroma

Transform the aroma of bread and other baked goods with this citrus scent mixture.

This baking aroma is contained in two convenient 2-ml vials.

The lemon scent in Paneangeli Lemon flavoring is kept in a resealable vial. This dessert aroma is used to improve the taste of all sweet foods, whether they are cooked, fried, or cold.

Just pour the aroma right into the dough or cream to give it a unique smell, and it won't lose its strength as the food cooks. One vial of Lemon Aroma can be used to flavor about a half-liter of cream or a 500-600-gram cake. Add these lemon flavorings to a gift basket for anyone who loves to bake breads or dessert dishes.


1 Package - 2 Vials (2 ml each)


Product of Italy

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