Paneangeli Vanilla Bean

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This Vanilla Bean Pod is a gourmet ingredient

Bake cakes and other desserts with this authentic vanilla.

This whole vanilla can be used to make aromatic extracts and syrups.

Paneangeli Vanilla Bean Pod is a high-quality ingredient that can be used for baking, dessert recipes, and more. This whole vanilla bean has a robust flavor profile with a buttery aroma. If you're looking for a present for someone who likes to bake, this vanilla pod makes an excellent addition to a gift basket.

Use this vanilla pod in a homemade ice cream or frozen custard recipe. Add real vanilla flavor to cakes, puff pastries, and other sweet baked goods. Mix the tiny vanilla seeds with granulated sugar to make your own vanilla sugar. Or even make a vanilla syrup by heating a small amount of vanilla with dark brown sugar and water.


Vanilla Bean


1 bean


Imported from Italy

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