Rebecchi Zafferano Del Meneghino Italian Saffron Powder, 0.125 gram (50 Packets – 1 Box)

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Product Description:
Rebecchi Zafferano Del Meneghino is saffron powder that comes from Italy. Saffron is one of the world's most valuable spices, in terms of both flavor and finance, costing as much as 7,000 dollars per pound! If you love to cook, you'll know just how versatile and exquisite an ingredient saffron really is. Use it to flavor your risotto, fish soup, meat, and even desserts. Rebecchi Zafferano Del Meneghino comes in bags that are uniquely tailored to maintain its freshness and vivid red color. Enjoy the incredible convenience of such a hard-to-obtain ingredient at an amazing package deal.

0.125 gram (50 Packs – 1 Case)


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