Salumeria Biellese Finochietta, 8 oz (Refrigerate after opening)

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Finochietta is a coarse salami with fennel seeds

This mildly sweet Italian meat makes an aromatic addition to charcuterie boards. (made in the USA)

This authentic recipe is inspired by traditional Central Italian salami-making.

A smaller version of finocchiona, Salumeria Biellese Finochietta is made out of coarsely ground salame that has a rich and delicate flavor. This Italian delicacy is seasoned with fennel seeds and fennel pollen, which adds a delicate finish. Salumeria Biellese uses recipes from this type of salami's birthplace in the heart of Tuscany to achieve the traditional style of Italian finochietta.

Nearly 100 years after opening in New York’s Lower West Side, Salumeria Biellese continues to produce exceptional Italian charcuterie meats. Salumeria Biellese food items have all earned the Slow Food certification for outstanding quality.

8 oz

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