Salumeria Biellese Wild Boar Cacciatorini, 5 lb. (Refrigerate after Opening)

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This Cacciatorini Salami is made from wild boar

This type of salami is delicious on a charcuterie board with fresh fruit and Mediterranean cheeses.

Enjoy this cacciatorini in a rustic sandwich with olive oil, black pepper, and fresh herbs.

Salumeria Biellese Wild Boar Cacciatorini is a type of dry salami made from the shoulder meat of feral hogs. Salumeria Biellese seasons their wild boar meat with their special blend of heirloom spices. The result of this process, and generations worth of practice, is a slightly sweet and robustly flavored salami.

Enjoy Wild Boar Cacciatorini sliced as part of a sandwich. Serve it on a cheese plate or charcuterie board. Or savor it with a glass of red wine or sparkling cider.


5 lb.


Product of USA

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