Capers Capotes in Vinegar and Salt Brine, 33.5 oz

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Capers Capotes are a larger, milder Spanish caper

Enjoy on a charcuterie board with cured salami from Italy or chorizo from Spain.

Make zesty sauces and dips by mixing with sour cream, cream cheese, butter and lemon, or even Greek yogurt.

Harvested as flower buds from capparis spinosa bushes in Spain, Sanniti Capers Capotes are slightly larger and milder than Sanniti Capers Non-Pareille. Instead of being jarred and preserved in salt, these are pickled in water, salt, and vinegar, giving them a tangy, briny flavor.

Add to any pizza, pasta, or Mediterranean dish, especially one consisting of poultry or fish. Of course, they're also an essential ingredient in a traditional chicken piccata recipe. You can dry these with a paper towel and lightly fry in olive oil for an even more robust, fresh prepared meal.

capers, water, salt, vinegar

950 grams (33.5 oz)


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