Sanniti Carnaroli Rice, 35 oz (1 kg)

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Carnaroli Rice is perfect for preparing Italian cuisine

From Sanniti, this rice works well in a variety of Italian-style rice dishes, such as risotto and panissa.

This type of white rice makes a tasty side dish for Mediterranean meats and seafood.

Sanniti Carnaroli Rice is a terrific choice for making homemade risotto. Grown primarily in Northern Italy, carnaroli is firmer and has a higher starch content than arborio rice, which means it will absorb more cooking liquid but remain tender.

Enjoy this Italian rice in a creamy risotto topped with your favorite protein or roasted vegetables. Add garlic, white wine, and broth for a rich risotto base. Toss in some red pepper for a spicy and savory Italian rice dish that's best enjoyed with a bold glass of wine.

You can even use this short-grain rice in a rice pudding dessert recipe. A large bowl of rice pudding is great for bringing to picnics or potlucks.

Carnaroli rice grains

35 oz (1 kg)

Product of Italy

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