Sanniti Fennel Pollen Fiore di Finocchio, 7.05 oz (200g)

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This Fennel Pollen is a fragrant spice

This pollen from fennel is one of the world's most luxurious spices.

This aromatic pollen is equally suited for savory and sweet recipes.

Sanniti Fennel Pollen Fiore di Finocchio is a coveted spice with a unique flavor that pairs well with both savory and sweet recipes. Like wild fennel seeds, the pollen of the fennel plant is aromatic and licorice-like in terms of taste. The difference is that the flavor profile of fennel pollen is noticeably more intense.

Try this pollen in savory dishes like roasted pork tenderloin, braised chicken thighs, or even meaty pastas. Or enjoy this powerful spice in sweet dishes such as vanilla ice cream. You can even use this fennel spice as a topping for a bruschetta appetizer, along with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.


Fennel Pollen


7.05 oz


Product of Italy

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