Sanniti Gaeta Olives, 1 lb

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Gaeta Olives have a pleasantly mild flavor and smooth texture

Try these black olives in salads and pasta dishes, or serve on a charcuterie board.

These brine cured table olives from Italy are ready to enjoy.

Gaeta olives are oval olives with a smooth texture with a slightly mild flavor commonly grown in the Mediterranean. These Italian olives are harvested from olive trees in Italy, then bathed in brine to preserve and enhance the freshness and flavor. Gaeta olives, with their tart and salty flavor, are commonly served as cocktail hour snacks, in Greek salads as a substitute for Kalamata olives, or served as main dishes such as pasta puttanesca. 

Sample this slightly tart and salty olive variety as part of an olive bar. Pair with bright green Castelvetrano olives or another green olive for an appealing visual contrast. You can also add this type of olive to a chicken, seafood, or pasta dish and drizzle with olive oil for a delicious meal.

Acidity stabilizer lactic acid, antioxidant ascorbic acid

1 lb

Product of Italy

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