Sanniti Ground Cardamom, 16 oz

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This Ground Cardamom is an aromatic seasoning

You can use this cardamom powder in savory dishes as well as sweet baked goods.

The flavors of cardamom include sweet, smoky, citrusy, and ginger-like notes.

Cardamom is an essential ingredient in Indian cuisine, and is perhaps most famously known for its role in making curries. It is a very complex spice with sweet, smoky, citrusy, and gingery flavors.

Try this aromatic spice from Sanniti as part of a Mediterranean-style dry rub for meat and seafood dishes. Make it part of a marinade for grilled or pan-seared meats. Use it in an Indian dish such as a creamy curry dish with rice and freshly baked bread. Or toss it in soups and stews for inviting meals with a comforting, mildly smoky flavor.

Aside from savory recipes, Ground Cardamom can also be used in tea and baked goods, like Swedish cardamom buns.




16 oz


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