Sanniti Ground Sumac Spice, 12 oz

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Ground Sumac tastes tart and bright

This spice is frequently used in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cooking.

Try the lemony flavor of sumac on grilled chicken, kebabs, and much more.

Sanniti Ground Sumac Spice is a common ingredient in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. Sumac spice has a tart flavor similar to lemon and vinegar, and is used to season everything from meats and kebabs to salads and cocktails.

This versatile spice is great as part of a dry-rub for grilled salmon or chicken as well as other meat and seafood dishes. Sumac pairs well with lamb in particular. Alternatively, make it part of a marinade or salad dressing with extra virgin olive oil and fresh herbs.

You can also use sumac to give hummus and other dips a robust flavor with a burst of lemon-like flavor. Sumac can even be used for baking. Try it in recipes for savory breads as well as indulgent chocolate brownies.


12 oz


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