Sanniti Oil Cured Olives Jar, 13.4 oz

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These Oil-cured olives have a bold, salty flavor

Cured in sunflower oil, these Moroccan black olives taste slightly bitter and briny.

Enjoy on an olive spread with green olives and fresh fruit.

These small black olives are picked fully ripened from olive trees, then cured in oil with salt, preserving a rich bitter flavor. The curing process gives this olive variety a dry, briny quality. They're unlike black olives sold at your typical supermarket.

They are great as part of an antipasto spread. Add this type of olive to grilled paninis and other sandwiches. Or enjoy these fully ripe olives with dry-cured meats on a charcuterie board. For a delightful afternoon snack, enjoy with the simple combination of artisan bread, olive oil, and a glass of wine.

Moroccan olives, salt, sunflower oil

13.4 oz

Product of Italy

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