Sanniti Pink Peppercorn in Brine, 3.9 oz

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Pink Peppercorns have a slightly sweet, peppery flavor

Use these peppercorns in brine as part of spreads, dressings, and sauce recipes.

Try these brined pink peppercorns as an alternative to black pepper if you want a dish to have a more subtle peppery taste.

Sanniti Pink Peppercorns work well with light dishes, such as fish, chicken, and cooked vegetables. This type of Spanish peppercorn can be chopped up and used to make sauces, spreads, and salad dressings.

Some of the most common ways to use this ingredient are in cream sauces for steak or as part of stir fry dishes. For a rich soup base with a fresh flavor, heat this peppercorn variety with beef broth, aromatic vegetables, and heavy cream.


Pink peppercorn, water, salt, and citric acid 


3.9 oz (110g)


Product of Spain

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