Sanniti Roasted Peppers Jar, 20.5 oz

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These Roasted Italian Peppers are tangy and sweet

Sanniti's peppers are marinated with capers, parsley, garlic cloves, basil, and even spicy Italian peppers.

Try these roasted yellow and red peppers in salads, grain bowls, and pasta dishes.

This jar of Sanniti Roasted Peppers contains both roasted red peppers and yellow peppers. They make a wonderful addition to any salad, pasta, or vegetable side dish. Try these Italian-style roasted peppers on a pizza or in a grilled panini. Serve them on a charcuterie board with fresh fruit, smoky cheeses, and cured salami. Or add them to your favorite sandwich and enjoy every crisp, tangy bite. To start your weekend with a smile, try tossing these peppers in an omelet along with onions and mushrooms.

Peppers (55%), sunflower oil (37%), vinegar, salt, sugars, capers, extra virgin olive oil, parsley, garlic, hot pepper, basil, ascorbic acid (antioxidant), lactic acid (acidity regulator).

Net Weight 20.5 oz / Drained Weight 11.03 oz


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