Sanniti Sal Secco Salt Dried Olives, 1 lb.

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These Dried Olives from Italy are preserved with salt

Add these black olives to pasta recipes, or serve them on a charcuterie board with cured salami or mortadella.

These Italian olives make flavorful table olives that you can serve with fruit and cheese.

Sal secco means "salt-dried" in Italian, referring to how this type of olive is cured. Salt-curing olives is an ancient method of preparing olives, resulting in a delicious, savory, and subtly fruity flavor. With a texture similar to what you'd expect from sun-dried vegetables, salt-dried olives can be eaten on their own or in salad, pasta, pizza, and other Italian dishes. Drizzle with olive oil for an even more robust recipe. 

For an olive platter, pair these with green olive varieties like castelvetrano olives to create an appealing blend of colors and tastes. Best enjoyed with a bottle of wine or a glass of sweet hard cider.


Olives, salt, oil

1 lb.


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