Sanniti Whole Summer Truffle, 1.5 oz

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These Whole Summer Truffles are packed in an aromatic brine

Add mild black summer truffles pasta, pizza, and more.

These truffles add a pleasant, earthy flavor note to charcuterie platters and cheese boards.

This product is an excellent way to try truffles without breaking the bank. These black truffles are stored in brine at their peak. The flavor of preserved black truffles will be extremely mild, and they will likely have minimal aroma. However, preserved truffles have a lot of applications, especially during the months when fresh truffles are limited.

Jarred truffles can be pureed, minced, or sliced over dishes. Use them in a variety of Mediterranean recipes from salads to pasta. The flavor of these little truffles can be released by sautéing them in truffle butter or truffle oil.

Whole black truffle, truffle juice, salt

1.5 oz (45g)

Product of Italy

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