Tillamook Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese, 10 lb.

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This Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese is natural and delicious

This type of cheese is aged for 15 months, giving it an intense flavor.

Pair with your favorite deli meats and fresh fruit on a charcuterie board.

From the state of Oregon, Tillamook Extra Sharp Yellow Cheddar is a cow's milk cheese that's been aged for 15 months to achieve its bold flavor. This large block of Tillamook cheese is great for delis, restaurants, and even gift baskets.

Slice some aged cheddar and pair with crackers, hamburgers, and more! Enjoy on a cheese board, or sample it with your favorite wine. Mild and sharp cheeses can be melted together to create a robust combination of flavors. Melt this extra sharp yellow cheddar with white cheddar or a mild cheddar for a delectable grilled cheese sandwich, a layered mac and cheese dish, or the ultimate cheeseburger.

Tillamook Cheeses are naturally aged and produced with milk from cows not supplemented with artificial growth hormones (rBST).

Milk, salt, enzymes, lactic cultures

10 lbs 

Product of USA

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