Truffle Spanish Cheese Wedge, 8.8 oz (PACK of 2)

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This Truffle Spanish cheese wedge is a true Manchego cheese

This gourmet Manchego is made from the milk of the Manchega sheep of Spain.

Real truffles have been added to this pale yellow type of cheese, providing a robust flavor.

From the region of La Mancha in Spain, this Truffle Spanish Cheese Wedge is a Manchego cheese that has been infused with real, gourmet truffles. The delicate balance of strong, earthy truffle flavors and the nutty Manchego made of sheep's milk makes for a perfect marriage. A hard cheese with a wax rind, this cheese wedge is an authentic product of Spain.

Serve on a cheese board with fresh or dried fruit and other sheep's milk cheeses such as pecorino romano. This aromatic cheese pairs well with serrano ham or even jamon Iberico on a charcuterie board. Or enjoy it simply, with freshly baked bread, herbs, and olive oil. Best enjoyed with a bottle of dessert wine.

250 grams (8.8 oz) - Pack of 2

Product of Spain

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