Tutto Calabria Rose Marina Neonata (Rosamarina sauce), 6.7 oz

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Tutto Calabria Rosamarina Sauce is spicy and savory

This hot pepper sauce is made with a bold combination of fish and chilis.

Enjoy on a charcuterie board, or add to your favorite Mediterranean sauces.

Tutto Calabria Rose Marina (Little Fish with Hot Pepper) is an Italian spread that can be used in various Italian dishes. It can be used as a spread, in pasta, pizza, meats, fish, and other Italian cooking recipes.

Little fish (ice fish neosalanax tangahkeii) 40%, hot chili peppers, sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil, salt. Acidity corrector: Citric acid. Antioxidant ascorbic acid. Contains allergens: fish

6.7 oz. – 190 grams

Product of Italy

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