Tutto Calabria Sundried Tomatoes in Oil, 10.2 oz

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These Italian Sun-dried Tomatoes are marinated with herbs

Enjoy these aromatic tomatoes in salads, pasta dishes, and paninis.

Use the tomato-flavored olive oil left in the jar as part of dressings and marinades.

Tutto Calabria was one of the first companies to produce and market products from Calabria, typical Calabrian specialties are delicious celebrations of the gourmet ingredients cultivated in the southern region of Italy. What started in 1970 as a few jars of Tutto Calabria Italian hot peppers has evolved into one of the top gourmet imports for premium-quality Italian cooking.

These Italian Sun-dried Tomatoes are marinated in extra virgin olive oil with basil and oregano. With a robust, savory flavor, these oil-packed tomatoes are a delicious addition to a variety of Mediterranean recipes.

Try these preserved tomatoes in pasta dishes with ground beef or Italian sausage. Sprinkle them with salt and serve on a crostini appetizer with cream cheese and fresh herbs. Or add these tomatoes in olive oil to a toasted panini recipe.

Of course, these Italian tomatoes are also delicious as part of salad recipes with fresh greens, a zesty vinaigrette, and crumbled goat cheese. And you can even use the leftover, tomato-infused olive oil as part of salad dressings and marinades.


Dried tomatoes, sunflower seed oil, extra virgin olive oil, salt, basil, oregano, vinegar. Without coloring and preservatives


10.2 oz


Product of Italy

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