Vittoria Grano Cotto Cooked Wheat Grain Pastiera Napoletana, 20.5 oz

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Neapolitan pastiera is a traditional Italian dessert made with cooked wheat, ricotta cheese, and candied fruit.

Make Neapolitan cake at Easter time, as is tradition in Naples, or try your hand at baking any time of year. 

The traditional recipe includes cooked wheat berries, pastry cream, and ricotta.

Vittoria Grano Cotto Cooked Wheat Grain Pastiera Napoletana, the enchanting taste of Naples captured in a 20.5 oz jar. Enjoy the taste of Italian tradition with this classic dish that showcases culinary excellence.

Vittoria Grano Cotto is a delicious food made with cooked wheat grains, citrus zest, ricotta cheese, and vanilla. It has a great taste and texture that will make your taste buds dance with joy. Made carefully with attention to detail for top quality.

Pastiera Napoletana, with its rich history and deep-rooted cultural significance, is a celebration of seasonal abundance and traditional craftsmanship. Vittoria Grano Cotto embodies this spirit, offering a genuine taste of the authentic pastiera recipe that has delighted generations of Neapolitans.

Open the jar and smell the delicious scent. It will remind you of Naples. You can eat it for dessert or breakfast, or give it as a gift. Vittoria Grano Cotto Cooked Wheat Grain Pastiera Napoletana is perfect for any occasion.

Vittoria Grano Cotto comes in a big jar of 20.5 oz. You can enjoy Pastiera Napoletana whenever you want. It's a tasty Italian treat made with care and tradition. Let Vittoria Grano Cotto take you on a journey of taste and tradition that will leave you craving more.

Soft wheat, water, salt, acidity regulator: citric acid

580 grams (20.5 oz)

Product of Italy

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