Zona Ocean Bonito and Anchovie Spread, 3.9 oz

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This Anchovy and Bonito Spread is creamy and flavorful

This aromatic seafood spread is made with sustainably fished anchovies and bonito tuna.

Enjoy this spread with crackers and cocktails.

Zona Ocean Bonito and Anchovy Spread is a creamy spread made with sustainably fished tuna and anchovies from Spain. This fish paste is a tasty seafood spread to have as a snack with crackers, as an appetizer, or even in a sandwich. Zona Bonito and Anchovy Spread is an easy, healthy, low sodium snacking choice or cocktail party hors d’oeuvre.


Bonito del Norte MSC 54% (Fish), Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Water, Dairy Protein (Milk), Anchovie Paste MSC (Fish), Organic Lemon Juice, Ascorbic Acid <0.01%


3.9 oz (110 grams)


Product of Spain


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