Bottarga Pasta

Where does the best bottarga come from?

The world most famous grey mullet bottarga is made in the area of peninsula Sinis in Sardinia (Italy). Lagoon and pond of Cabras in particular. This is where combination of fresh water and perfect climate create the most ideal habitat for grey mullets and hence for fish roe production.

How long does bottarga keep?

Bottarga will keep for about one year in the refrigerator after its vacuum packaging is opened (or its beeswax coating is removed). It has an outer membrane that needs to be removed before grating—simply peel back the membrane of the size chunk you think you'll need and leave the rest covered.

Is bottarga the same as caviar?

Since the eggs used in bottarga are primarily harvested from tuna and grey mullet,they cannot technically be called “caviar”, but the process used to create both of these delicacies is quite similar.


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