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What is fettuccine pasta?

Everyone knows the ubiquitous dish of Fettuccine Alfredo, but do you know what separates fettuccine from other flat pastas? Fettuccine pasta is a flat, wide ribbon pasta. Traditionally, fettuccine is an egg pasta, made from flour and egg instead of just flour and water.

What is the difference between fettuccine, linguine, and tagliatelle pasta?

When it comes to Italian pasta, there is a different name for every noodle that is even just a millimeter or two larger or smaller than another similar pasta. Fettuccine noodles, tagliatelle pasta, and linguine are all in the same kind of family, but their width is different. Tagliatelle pasta is the largest of the three noodles, which is usually about 9.5 millimeters wide. Fettuccine noodles are in the middle, with a width of 6.35 millimeters. Linguine is the smallest of the three flat noodles, coming in at 3.17 millimeters.

What pasta dishes can I make with fettuccine pasta?

As mentioned, Fettuccine Alfredo is the most popular dish⁠—amongst Americans, at least. This is pasta made with a thick cream sauce involving butter, parmesan cheese and heavy cream. As this favorite pasta dish goes to show, fettuccine is best served with thick, rich sauces. Creamy tomato sauces are also typical.