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Fregola Sarda

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Fregola Sarda

What is fregola sarda?

Fregola sarda, simply called “fregula” by the Sardinian people, is definitely not the first type of pasta you think of when you think of Italian food. This small, round pasta is more akin to something like couscous. This pasta comes from the Sardinian people, after whom it is named.

What does fregola sarda taste like?

One of the most unique pasta shapes has one of the most unique tastes. Fregula is a toasted kind of pasta, so it boasts a slightly nutty flavor. This tiny, ball-shaped pasta has a chewy texture.

What are popular fregola recipes?

Similar to couscous and other round grains, fregula can be tossed in with fresh vegetables and herbs, such as basil, olives, tomatoes and spinach. For a more savory dish, simply pair fregula with tomato sauce and cheese. Fregula with tomato sauce is a heartwarming Italian comfort food.