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What are Green Olives?

Among the hundreds of different ‘cultivars’ or varieties, green olives have a unique flavor unlike any other. The preferred choice for chefs and gourmands are Castelvetrano green olives, which are known for their tender, meaty flesh, and a sweet, mild flavor. The mellow and buttery taste makes them a favorite choice for a table snack or as part of an antipasto platter. Read More

Another type of green olive is the Cerignola, the largest variety in the world. Their hefty size makes them the ideal green olive for stuffing with delectable fillings like garlic, cheese, capers and the like. They also have a smooth flavor and crisp bite.

The variation in taste, color, and texture of olives all depends on the time of harvesting, the climate, and curing process. Unlike other varieties such as black or purple, green olives are harvested at the beginning of the season when the fruit is still unripe, which gives it a characteristically nutty flavor and extra firm texture.

After being harvested by hand, green olives are cured in a live culture brine of salt and water, which aids the fermentation process with a balanced amount of yeast. The result is a tender, juicy, and pungent-flavored green olive that lends depth and complexity to a range of savory dishes. What makes Italian olives different from other varieties is the old-fashioned harvesting and processing techniques that have been used for hundreds of years.

How are Green Olives Used?

A popular choice for green olives is Roland, an iconic Italian brand known for high-quality products. Other top brands include Partanna, which offers a full line-up of preserved Italian delicacies like castelvetrano olives, other green varieties, and much more. For a spicy green olive, Supermarket Italy also features the hard-to-find Marina Di Gioiosa, a prized specialty from Calabria, Italy.

Castelvetrano green olives are Italy’s favorite table snack and are traditionally paired with goat cheese and crisp white wine. For a Sicilian twist in your cooking, they also add intense pops of flavor to hearty pasta dishes or sauces.

You can also transform an ordinary sandwich into the famous Muffaletta from New Orleans when you add castelvetrano olive salad, a mix of olives and pickled vegetables. This tangy and fresh salad can also be used as a filling for bite-sized appetizers like stuffed mushrooms. Another tasty olive salad pairing to try is small puff pastries, which help balance the bright and juicy flavors with a buttery starchiness.

The fresh-tasting Cerignola olive and its luscious mouthfeel make it a favorite ingredient for a long list of dishes, from salads and charcuterie boards to pasta and meat sauces.

Where to buy Green Olives

When you buy green olives from Supermarket Italy, get ready to experience the authentic flavors of Italy’s finest imports. From the prized castelvetrano to gigantic Cerignolas and mixed varieties, our selection includes the best green olives online. At Supermarket Italy, buy green olives for sale and enjoy the convenience of premium Italian imports delivered straight to your door.