Iliada Spicy Pitted Green Olives Snack Bites, 4.23 oz (120 g)

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These spicy Greek Olives are ready to eat

Enjoy this olive snack on its own, or add to a zesty Greek salad with crumbled cheese and a lemon wedge.

This convenient type of olive pairs well with charcuterie board meats like mortadella.

When you’re on the go and craving a savory snack, Iliada Spicy Pitted Green Olives Snack Bites are the perfect way to satisfy your hunger. Fresh green olives from Greece are pitted and mixed with Mediterranean seasonings and pepper flakes for a spicy kick. High in antioxidants, these table olives make a great healthy snack choice, and the resealable pouch ensures food stays fresh until you’re hungry again. 

For recipes, you can use these almond-shaped olives in place of other olive varieties like sliced black olives and kalamata olives. Their meaty texture and pleasantly bitter taste makes them a good choice for a variety of homemade Greek cuisine, from feta cheese salads with wine vinegar and olive oil dressing to savory gyro-style sandwich wraps. Enjoy these spicy olive with wine, cider, or even a cool glass of fruit juice.

Green olives, salt, chili pepper flakes

4.23 oz (120 g)

Product of Greece

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