Cacio di Bosco Pecorino Cheese with Truffle, 4 lb.

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This bold Pecorino Cheese is infused with White Truffles

Enjoy this Italian cheese with truffles on a cheese board with dried fruit.

Grate over salads, pizza, and pasta dishes.

Similar to pecorino siciliano and pecorino romano, Cacio di Bosco Pecorino Cheese with Truffle is a crumbly sheep’s milk cheese from Tuscany. This cheese is mixed with pieces of real dark truffle, balancing natural sweetness with earthy flavor.

Enjoy this premium cheese crumbled in salads, grated over pizza, or on top of charcuterie board crostini. Compare this type of cheese to parmigiano reggiano on a cheese platter. Or use this cheese made from sheep's milk to prepare gourmet cacio e pepe.

Pasteurized sheep's milk, salt, white truffle (min 0,3%), rennet, lactic ferments.
Rind not edible covered by protective film.

4 lb.

Product of Italy

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