Sanniti Salcis Pecorino Aged Under Hay, 1 Lb

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This traditional Tuscan Pecorino Cheese is aged under hay

A cheese made from sheep's milk, enjoy this type of pecorino grated over salads and pastas.

This Italian cheese pairs well with cured charcuterie meats like salami and prosciutto.

Sanniti's Pecorino cheese is a seasoned and refined pecorino which has been aged under hay in accordance with Tuscan dairy tradition, which is a characteristic which enhances it with natural fragrances and speeds up the maturation process.

Compare pecorino toscano alongside similar types of cheese—such as parmigiano reggiano, pecorino romano, and pecorino siciliano—on a cheese board with fresh fruit. Grate over pasta dishes such as cacio e pepe. Or simply enjoy on a charcuterie board with thinly sliced meat and Italian wine.

Pasteurized sheep milk, salt, rennet

16 oz (1lb) average

Product of Italy

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