Sifor Pecorino Ubriaco d’Avola Cheese Wedge, 15.7 oz [Pack of 3]

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This delicate Pecorino Cheese is infused with Red Wine

This type of pecorino siciliano is aged for three months, then infused with Nero d'Avola wine.

Try this Italian cheese made from sheep's milk on a cheese board with fruit and warm bread.

Sifor Pecorino Ubriaco D’Avola is a semi-hard cheese from Mountain Sicani in Palermo. After 90 days of aging, this Sicilian cheese is infused with Nero d’Avola red wine. After another month, the cheese is ready to eat, possessing a delicate, slightly fruity and lingering taste. 

Use this cheese instead of pecorino romano for a bold take on a cacio e pepe pasta dish. Or enjoy this type of cheese with spicy Calabrese salami and gourmet prosciutto on a charcuterie board. You can even try grated pecorino as an alternative to parmigiano reggiano to top pastas, salads, and pizzas.


Pasteurized sheep’s milk, salt, rennet, milk enzymes, red wine

445g/ 15.7 oz - Pack of 3

Product of Italy

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