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Popular Dishes From Different Cities of Italy

Popular Dishes From Different Cities of Italy


Buffalo Mozzarella: A popular appetizer at Italian restaurants, this mild and tender cheese is typically served with slices of tomato and basil.

Pizza Margherita: A melty and delicious combo of fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil.

Sfogliatelle: A flaky pastry with a sweet and creamy ricotta filling.


Sardinian Pasta: A semolina flour and water pasta that is cut into cylinders and rolled against a straw basket, which gives it a rough texture that clings to sauces.

Sardinian Ragu: Sardinian sausages and onions are fried in extra virgin olive oil and then simmered in a fresh and zesty tomato sauce.


Ribollita: A hearty vegetable and bread soup made with locally grown ingredients.

Florentine Chicken: A traditional Tuscan dish, chicken breasts are seasoned with bread crumbs, Parmesan cheese, celery, spinach, and other herbs and spices.

Traditional Tuscan-style ingredients: Pecorino Romano and local olive oil.

Panforte: A dessert from medieval times, this dense and rich fruit cake is flavored with honey, vanilla, nutmeg, and cinnamon.


Bucatini alla Carbonara: A specialty from the Lazio region, this classic Roman pasta dish is made with a hollow, spaghetti-like long-form pasta, which gets filled and coated with a creamy sauce made from egg, Pecorino Romano cheese, and guanciale.

Roman-style pizza: In this version, the crust is thin and crispy; the traditional combo of basil, tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese gets a salty kick from capers and anchovies.

Ricotta Cannoli: A tube-shaped shell made from fried pastry dough, this classic treat is filled with sweet ricotta cream.


Cassoeula Soup: A rich & hearty meat and vegetable stew that is enjoyed year-round.

Risotto alla Milanese: A satisfying and starchy main dish made with arborio rice and a creamy mix of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, onions, butter, white wine, and vegetable broth.

Panettone: A traditional Christmas cake made with a special fermented dough and flavored with candied fruit and nuts.


Fegato alla Veneziana: An ancient recipe of figs and livers from pork or veal that are served with polenta as a side dish.

Baccala Mantecato: Salted cod is creamed together with extra virgin olive oil until smooth and fluffy. It is traditionally served with toasted polenta or grilled bread.

Bussolai: Ring-shaped shortbread cookies that are usually served with coffee.


Arancino: Deep fried rice balls served with a ragu sauce, peas, and caciocavallo cheese.

La Ghiotta di Piscistoccu: Fish fillets are slowly baked in a sauce made with tomatoes, potatoes, capers, and herbs.

Pignolata: A rich chocolate cake with added lemon, which gives it a signature flavor.

Classic seasonings in Sicilian-style cooking: saffron, clove, nutmeg, and peppers.

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