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What is capellini pasta?

Capellini pasta is a type of pasta that is similar to spaghetti noodles. They have the same long, rod-like shape, but capellini is thinner, with a diameter between 0.85 and 0.92 millimeters. Because of their thinness, capellini noodles are better suited to lighter sauces than spaghetti noodles are.

Are capellini and angel hair the same thing?

Many people will tell you that angel hair is interchangeable with capellini pasta, but this is inaccurate. Angel hair is a type of capellini pasta, but it is a few millimeters smaller in diameter. In Italy, angel hair pasta is called capelli d'angelo, and it is typically between 0.78 and 0.88 millimeters in diameter.

What pasta recipes can I make with capellini?

Because this type of pasta is very thin, it is best served with light sauces and ingredients. One of the most popular recipes is Capellini Pomodoro. Capellini Pomodoro involves a simple tomato sauce with basil, pepper, salt, and olive oil. Other popular capellini recipes rely on garlic, lemon, or butter sauces with fresh shrimp or light, sauteed vegetables.